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VoiceVault Study Shows Strong Ability to Detect Recorded Replay Attacks

2012 October 21

Voice biometrics specialist VoiceVault continues to take on the primary concerns of prospective deployers in the mobile commerce, financial services and healthcare industries. In a recent press release, the company announced that, based on a study of “more than 10 million transactions, VoiceVault is able to detect 99.98% of recordings submitted to their voice biometric engine.”

Detecting and rejecting efforts to authenticate individuals by replaying a recording of that person’s voice remains a key concern of the executives and security specialists who are considering adding voiceprints as an additional factor to their present efforts to fight detect impostors and fight fraud. VoiceVault claims that its proprietary approach is able to accomplish high levels of detection without a measurable increase in false rejection rates – which is also a concern of prospective implementers.